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July, 2015


These didn’t get used in the end as the client went in another direction, but I really like them still :)

Whistling with Tommy

October, 2014


Wild Wood Artistry

May, 2014

Logo for a local wood working studio. It’s going to be made into a brand, so the logo can be burnt onto the final product, which is pretty cool.

Matthew Hale

December, 2013


New branding for comedy hypnotist, Matthew Hale. We tried to get it away from the tacky watches and hypnotised chickens look, going for the more corporate market.

The Axe

January, 2013

Logo for fashion label, coming out soon..

Character Concept

July, 2012

Concept for a character to be used within a logo. Unfortunately it’s not going to be used, but I still like him :)

Storyfire Logo

June, 2012

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