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Jesus in the Library

October, 2014


I drew a whole library for this postcard, but in the end we zoomed right in for the detail shot. It’s really simple, but I’m really happy with this one.

More drawing

October, 2014


Bogan Bingo

October, 2014


Some variations of an old Bogan Bingo poster. Quite good fun doing those :)

Enter the Ninga…

August, 2014



December, 2013

I can see this site getting clogged up with these sketches, so I’ve started up a DeviantART page, where I’ll be putting all my non-commercial art work. Check it out and leave us a comment or two – I’d love to know what you reckon :)

More Drawing

December, 2013


More Sketching

December, 2013


After that last one, I’ve tried to work much quicker, and forcing myself to use bigger brushes, so I can’t worry too much about the details. Even though it’s pretty messy, I like it better I think.

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