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December, 2013

I can see this site getting clogged up with these sketches, so I’ve started up a DeviantART page, where I’ll be putting all my non-commercial art work. Check it out and leave us a comment or two – I’d love to know what you reckon :)

More Drawing

December, 2013


More Sketching

December, 2013


After that last one, I’ve tried to work much quicker, and forcing myself to use bigger brushes, so I can’t worry too much about the details. Even though it’s pretty messy, I like it better I think.


December, 2013


More sketching with the Surface Pro. I actually don’t really like this one; I reckon I spent too much time on it, so it looks over-worked or something. I’ve been looking at guys like Wojtek Fus, who uses really economic brush strokes. Something to aim for.

More Sketching

November, 2013


I don’t really draw much at all, but with this new tablet I’m keen to start sketching much more and hopefully getting a bit more comfortable with it. I’ll try to keep putting them up as I do them so it’ll keep me motivated.

These are obviously done off fairly famous photographs, and I don’t own the rights to the images or use them for commercial work; they’re just practice sketches for fun!

By the way, if you’re wondering who some of my favourite illustrators are, check these guys out. Just awesome eh?

James Jean Audrey Kawasaki Kirsten Ulve Emma Uber J.Scott Campbell Jake Parker Joao Paulo Alvares Ruas

Surface Pro 2

November, 2013


I’ve just bought a Surface Pro 2 as my new travel computer and it’s pretty much the coolest thing in the world. Having a pressure sensitive tablet to draw on is absolutely next level and it’s a complete no-brainer to get one if you’re designer or artist. Sure, it’s a little crazy to set up, being a Windows computer, but once you’ve got it the way you like, it’ll blow the doors off anything. Why the world is not completely flipping its lid over these is a mystery to me :)

Shake your trail feather

October, 2013




Logo for an adventure racing team, Shake your Trail Feather, produced in heat-transfer vinyl.

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