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SU Characters

August, 2013

charactersSome characters for a bunch of information signs around a Scripture Union campsite. SU has a flame as one of their logos, so this is a take on that.


Lone Star

July, 2013



July, 2013


I haven’t put up any sketching in a while, so here’s a quick little thing I did while watching the Tour.

The Crisis of Leadership

May, 2013


Flyer for series on Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard. A big nod to RAM, obviously.

The Week that Changed the World

March, 2013

I’m not sure if I’ve ever drawn Jesus before, but I hope he doesn’t mind :)

Defeating Dragons

February, 2013

Illustration for Scripture Union’s Fine Edge Theatre Company


January, 2013

I’ll try not to make this a rant, but as a designer, I’m pretty bummed that everyone but Apple seems to phone in their product design. Keyboards are a good example. Even though I’m a PC man, I run a Mac keyboard because it’s the only grown up design that’s not made out of some cheap, squeaky plastic. Here’s my take on the perfect keyboard; a big hunk of angled metal, wireless, & with black chiclet keys which won’t show up dirt and grime. That’s it. How hard can it be?

*UPDATE* Someone heard me! I finally found a decent keyboard, which has made me happy in a really nerdy way. Thanks HP, glad to know a massive multinational company takes the time to read my website (:


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