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Bogan Bingo

December, 2012


August, 2012

Lucy the Reluctant Pirate

July, 2012

Illustration for the Fine Edge Theatre Company, aimed at a young audience.

Character Concept

July, 2012

Concept for a character to be used within a logo. Unfortunately it’s not going to be used, but I still like him :)


May, 2012


I’ve just set the studio up with a vinyl cutter, and have been making a bunch of stickers for people. The accuracy & speed of the cutter is pretty amazing, and it makes a nice change from sitting in front of the computer! So ah, anyone want some stickers?

A Crow

May, 2012

Fun with Textas

April, 2012

So, I’ve been stuck in a tent for a week with about 12 textas, and had a bit of a draw for the first time in ages. It’s kind of cool having a palette of 12 colours and no undo key.

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