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English Cycles

September, 2011

English Cycles make simple, functional bicycles which look amazing and buck the current trends of cycle design. It’s refreshing to see handmade steel bikes compete with both the looks and performance of mega-buck carbon machines.
[ englishcycles.com ]

De La Uz Surfboards

September, 2011

Some beautiful surfboards designed by De La Uz, from Spain. Like nothing I’ve seen before, and executed with glossy perfection. They also do some more traditional long board and mini-simmons shapes. Check out their site:
[ delauzsurfboards.com ]

James Jean

June, 2011

Another one of my all-time favourite artist, James Jean. Just unbelievably talented and a huge inspiration for me. He manages to transfer his line work to computers without losing any of the character or feel of pencil, and draws people just so elegantly. Check out his site, buy some books or prints, and like me, stick them all over your house.
[ www.jamesjean.com ]

June, 2011


Kirsten Ulve. One of my favourite illustrators and I’ve loved her work for years. Her work is super bright and fun, and she manages to capture so much character and feeling with minimal artwork. Make sure you check out her site.
[ www.kirstenulve.com ]

Niner – Air9 Carbon

June, 2011


Niner Air9 Carbon. Drink in the single-speed goodness.
[ www.ninerbikes.com ]

Marilyn Lounge Bed

June, 2011

Apparently based on Marilyn Monroe’s famous pleated skirts, the Marilyn lounge bed was designed by Spanish architect Borja Abellán and designer Nacho Soler for a furniture contest.

The simplicity of a completely flat design folding into a gentle, back-friendly curve is just beautiful.
[ via ]


June, 2011

Some pretty sweet minimalistic design from Big-Game Studio, floating cork boat hulls with interchangeable tops.

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