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July, 2017

Sorry folks, I’ve been away for a while! This is a flyer for the good folks at the Perth Men’s Convention; something a bit different, and pretty well influenced by Habitat’s skateboard designs.

With Great Power

July, 2015

With Great Power


April, 2015


Hey, check it out – our car won the series! Surely the graphics played a part in that? ;)

Well done to Michael and the PZP Racing Team.

Bogan Bingo Fringe

April, 2015


Poster for the Perth Fringe Festival 2015

Get Shazzied

April, 2015


PZP Drift Car

October, 2014


My first race car design, which I’m pretty excited about. I’ll get some decent photos up as they come through.


Up and running! A couple of bonus stickers got thrown in there, but you’ve got to surrender creative control at some point :)

Jesus in the Library

October, 2014


I drew a whole library for this postcard, but in the end we zoomed right in for the detail shot. It’s really simple, but I’m really happy with this one.

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