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Bogan Bingo

December, 2012


November, 2012


November, 2012


Put this flyer together with Jason and photographer Michael Ziebarth. The photo’s kind of mesmerizing… in a disturbing way; Janet would be proud.

August, 2012

TightFit Packaging

Packaging design for TightFit performance car parts. I’ve just mocked up the packaging for now, but the parts will be in clear plastic eventually.

Roll and Slaughter

June, 2012

A little sticker job for one of the Roller Derby girls. Lots of work with the scalpel and hair dryer, but it came out pretty nice.

CCOWA Temptation

May, 2012


Design for this years Perth Men’s Convention. We’re still working on the design, but I really like it, so I’m sneaking it in early.


May, 2012


I’ve just set the studio up with a vinyl cutter, and have been making a bunch of stickers for people. The accuracy & speed of the cutter is pretty amazing, and it makes a nice change from sitting in front of the computer! So ah, anyone want some stickers?

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